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Welcome to ST ESCORTS BANGKOK, an escort service here in Bangkok designed for those customers who have fallen for the charm of Thailand’s ‘third sex’.  Each and every escort has been fully interviewed by us prior to having been accepted.  We therefore are pleased to be able to assure you of meeting an interesting, charming and delightful companion with whom you can while way some time.   At ST Escorts Bangkok we aim to deliver to you a service that excels at a price that is realistic, what some would call true Value For Money.

Just like any business we seek to provide a level of service that sees you returning to us time and time again.  As the saying goes it is always easier to get repeat business from an existing customer than it is to recruit a new customer.

As you will no doubt have seen the Bangkok area is deluged with available ladyboys.  They are dressed provocatively sitting at bars batting their eyelids and welcoming you in as you pass.  They are scantily clad, perhaps unclad, standing by stainless steel poles in the city’s numerous go-go clubs just waiting to catch your eye.  They appear on various web sites wanting to be your friend and attract you with pictures that are, to say the least, somewhat dubious and, very possibly, not of the ladyboy herself.  They may just be standing around on the street waiting for you to walk by and whisk them off to a nice hotel room.  When you are in the safety of your own apartment or hotel you can click on the internet and see hundreds of escort services offering a wide selection of beautiful ladboy’s just sitting at home and waiting for you to call.

So, you have looked through various web sites, viewed pictures that appear to have come directly from a leading fashion magazine giving ages, that in some cases, are from years so far back even the escorts themselves cannot remember having them taken!  You sit alone and understandably confused.  Well be confused no longer.  ALL OF THE PICTURES, AGES AND DETAILS OF THE ST ESCORTS LADYBOY’S ARE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT GENUINE.  Just in case you still doubt our words, and why should you believe us anyway,  we give you a promise and back it up with a guarantee.  If any girl arrives at your door and is NOT the girl in the pictures and her details are incorrect then they will stay with you for the period you have booked TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.  All we ask is for just a little flexibility, for example, if the escort has gained or lost a few pounds, recently had a birthday or cut or grown her hair then please simply forgive us.

The service you receive from ST ESCORTS BANGKOK will be both discreet and friendly whilst all of our escorts will treat you like a King.  They will stay with you for the full time you have booked and longer should you wish. If you have seen it stated that an escort will perform a particular service then you can rest assured that service will be provided, and willingly so.  If you have inquired as to whether an escort or escorts will provide a specific service or services and received a positive response then, once again, that service will be provided willingly.

Let us not kid ourselves, this is not a perfect world.  At ST Escorts Bangkok we only promise what we believe we can deliver, however, sometimes things go wrong.  That is the time when the ST Escorts admin team come to the fore and will do everything to resolve any issue that is not to your satisfaction.  It is always better to call us on 0930 154 102 and explain any concern you have whilst the escort is with you – it is easier to resolve problems when all parties are together and certainly before the escort has left and perhaps concocted a different version of events!  We want you to be happy, we want you to enjoy your time with the escort of your choice and we WILL do everything possible to ensure that happens.

Never be concerned about asking us any questions you have or particular fantasies you may wish to explore.  If you email us at [email protected] or telephone us on xxxx xxx xxx and tell us what you want we will listen and do our very best to accommodate your request(s).  By email you will be messaging a fully conversant English speaker who will understand everything you say and respond similarly – you will therefore be understood and comfortable that what you have requested will be provided.

You can see all of the ST Escorts by going to the ‘OUR LADYBOY ESCORTS’ tab on the left hand sidebar menu.

To make a booking to see an ST Escorts girl then you can either telephone our office on 0930 154 102; email us at [email protected] or complete the booking form on the web site under the menu item BOOKINGS.  Please remember that our escorts do not commence their journey to meet with you until your room number has been advised and verified by our admin team.  It is therefore important that you allow sufficient time for the escort to travel to you and understand they all live in different parts of what is an extremely large city where the traffic can often be extraordinarily heavy – at any time of the day or night.

If you wish to post a REVIEW on our services and/or the girl or girls from ST Escorts that you have seen then please do so.  We welcome all positive comments of course but equally negative comments are just as appreciated and can only assist us in looking to further improve the standard of service ST Escorts Bangkok provides.

A BLOG has been set up on the site which is interactive so that you can post replies or comments to any article that you may agree or disagree with – controversy is not something we shy away from!

ST ESCORTS BANGKOK is here to provide you with a fresh, new and professional escort service experience and we look forward to assisting you.